1. Is the school licensed?
2. Does the school have written policies?
3. Does the school have a well-planned curriculum?
4. Is reading and storytelling a large part of the daily activities?
5. Does the standard daily schedule include a music appreciation class?
6. Does the school offer optional classes outside the standard curriculum, such as musical theater, dance, foreign languages, and math?
7. Does every teacher hold a graduate degree from a major college or university?
8. Are the teachers warm, kind and patient?
9. Does the school enforce a dress code for its teachers?
10. Does the school’s director know every child and every parent by name?
11. Are the classrooms filled with hundreds of educational toys and games?
12. Do toys and games offer interesting and challenging age-appropriate activities?
13. Is there a large collection of books in every classroom?
14. Are the classrooms brightly decorated and full of light?
15. Are the classrooms neat and clean at all times?
16. Does the school have a spacious, well-equipped outdoor playground?
17. Is the playground secured with a tall fence?
18. Is the school building safe, clean and well maintained?
19. Is the main entrance secured with an electronic lock?
20. During nap time, do children sleep on individual beds, complete with sheets, pillows and blankets?
21. Does the school provide meals four times a day, including a hot lunch?
22. Are the meals provided at no additional cost?
23. Are the meals prepared fresh daily by the on-site kitchen?
24. Are the meals delicious, well-balanced and healthy?
25. Does the daily menu include fresh fruits, vegetables and juices?